Monday, September 28, 2009


I'm sorry. I'm feeling very quiet lately. There's a lot going on but I just need to keep it inside for now and sort through it slowly. Life is so great and can be so hard, all at the same time!!


Suz said...

Don't I know it. When you're ready I'll be here. Maybe just tell me about your day. I love reading about April's day. It keeps me in touch with a lady I adore..even if I can't see her a whole lot. Isn't it in the ordinary that we really live anyway? Here's a hug

Robin said...

Thanks Suz!! I know what you mean---I love reading about April's activities too! I don't see her often but feel very connected anyway!
Thanks for "being there"!

april said...

You guys made my morning! Yes, so much going on. Is it our ages, or it is life as we live it these days, or is it too many full moons? What's going on! We all need a hug.