Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Sniff Sniff!!!

I can't believe I'm sick!!! Or is it just allergies??? How does one know the difference?? Either way, I'll be staying home today, missing my Artist's Way group this morning. I really enjoyed this weeks chapter too---all about having compassion for all the other people in the world. Focusing on how we are the same and not on the differences--not judging people--realizing that we are all human beings with human issues. Regardless of where we live, the color of our skin, our economic status, the clothes we wear--none of it matters. What matters is our "human-ness". It's what we all have in common!!!
On another note---hauled a short bookcase that was my mom's, upstairs and hoisted it onto the old oak dresser yesterday. Now I have a storage "unit"!! Big drawers topped by shelves---I'm so excited!! The room is starting to look like a place where you might want to create something!!
Who knows what will happen next!!!

Friday, April 16, 2010

Determined??? Or Just Stupid???

I had a sudden inspiration yesterday. I decided the old oak dresser that had been in my mom's kitchen my whole life (stored pots, pans, tablecloths etc.) would be WONDERFUL for storage in my art room. Problem? The dresser was sitting in my basement and my art room is 2 floors up from there!! Of course I was home alone and I wanted it done NOW!!! So I just did it!! Took out all the drawers, flipped the dresser upside down and basically slid it up the 2 flights of stairs!!! I told my husband I had performed a super human feat!! He knows how I am---when I decide I want something done I am NOT going to wait until there is someone around to help me!! Not always a smart decision but the job does get done!! So now it's up there looking beautiful and antiquey(?) and nostalgic. The drawers have new shelf paper lining and I am ready to fill it up!! I just needed a better place to store my stash of large paper and things!! So my back is sore but my heart is happy!!!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Collage Workshop!

I spent all day yesterday at Laura Lein-Svencner's collage workshop at the McCord Gallery. It was WONDERFUL!!! Such a fun day of creating and "playing"!! We made soooo many papers to work with---almost ran out of time to collage!! But I got one done and I really like it!! If I could, I would post a photo!! ****Frustration!!!!**** One of these days......