Sunday, February 24, 2013

A Mandala in Stages

I had taken these photos to help me go thru the making a mandala step by step for my class.  Thought I would post them here for anyone who is interested.  Sorry they ended up in reverse order!

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Finding the Flow

I took about 4 or 5 weeks off from making any art.  Not really on purpose......just got busy with the holidays and I was enjoying my son's company while he was home from school.  BEFORE the holidays I seemed to have really gotten into a feeling of "flow" in regards to art making.  It almost seemed as if I could do no wrong while creating.  It was incredible to feel that way!!  Taking all that time off...........BIG mistake!  I have discovered how hard it is to get back into it after taking so much time off!!  I made several mandalas recently......none of them seemed to flow......they were like work, forced, awkward feeling.  It was very upsetting and frustrating!  Then I decided to try something a little bit different and make a larger mandala than I ever have before.  I had received an email from The Center where I take classes and where I am also doing a little teaching.  They are having a fundraiser later this month and were requesting artwork to be donated for a silent auction.  I thought that a nice BIG framed mandala would be a good thing to donate so I got to work.  I worked on the this for 7+ hours straight yesterday!!  I have never done that before!  I even forgot to eat!  And I believe I found my FLOW!!  I was afraid that it got a bit busy.......not being used to working this large I wish I had used more larger elements rather than so much small detailed stuff but......all in all, I am quite pleased!!  And ready to try another!!

The Centers fundraiser is called "A Night to Linger".  It is Thursday, February 21, 2013 at Hackney's in Palos Park, IL.  The are at 9550 W. 123rd St.  and it takes place from 7-10 pm.  Maybe I will see you there!  By the way, this fundraiser benefits the Farm and Ranch Camp scholarship fund.  It enables many kids to attend camp next summer that wouldn't otherwise be able to have this wonderful experience!