Saturday, March 16, 2013

What I've been up to.....

My 6 week Mandala class recently ended and I feel like the students really enjoyed it.  But I'm not sure it's  suited to be an ongoing class.  It seems to me that, once they learn the basics, they just need to get out there and experiment and play and find their own style. 
The 3rd photo is a work in progress.  A large one I'm working on that, when finished, if I am happy with it, I plan to hang over my bed.  I have all these mandalas sitting around and hardly anything hanging on my walls!  Mostly because my "favorites" keep changing and I hate to commit.  I think the answer is going to be to get some of those "picture rails" or whatever you call them, that you can just rest art on on and not have to hang anything permanently.  I can change them out according to what appeals to me at the moment or according to the season!  Perfect for a commitment-phobe like myself!
The last one, with the Easter eggs was almost, but not quite finished when I photographed it.  Hence the guidelines are still on it.
I have so many ideas in my head for more......I wonder when.....or if.......I will ever tire of making these!  In the past I've had a habit of buying art supplies and then not using them.  Several years ago my husband bought me a set of 120 Prismacolor colored pencils.  I amazes me that some of them (my favorite colors of course!) are getting worn down to stubs!  It's a GREAT feeling.....knowing that I am putting them to good use!

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Went A Bit Crazy....

I seem to be doing a lot of artwork lately that involves "have-to's" and self imposed deadlines......class samples and things like that.   So I was really feeling the need to sit down and do something just for purpose......just do it and don't think about it too much.  This mandalas is the result.  I feel like I went a bit crazy!  I wasn't sure that it really worked at all.  In fact, I look at it and I sort of think to myself, "Who DID that?".  Because, honestly, sometimes I just don't know where they come from.  How they turn out is a BIG surprise to me.   I usually feel "in love" with the last one I did.......not so in this case.  But I DO seem to be falling in love with it a little more everyday!