Wednesday, February 24, 2010

How did it happen?!?!??!?!

Well, now I've done it!! Sat down to read a few blogs and, before I knew it, I'd inhaled a whole tube of Girl Scout cookies----without even thinking!!!!! I only meant to eat a few but pretty soon there was only one lonely cookie left---and he was crying out to join his buddies----CHOMP!!! All gone!!! I bought those cookies to help out the Girl Scout next door---not to stuff myself..........yeah......right.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Wonderful Whimsical Winter!!

I had a doctor's appointment yesterday in Western Springs (nothing serious, just routine) and I hate going to the dr. I love my doctor but she is too far away from my home. So, when I go there I always take the "scenic route" through many forest preserves. Yesterday the trip was sheer heaven!! Breathtaking beauty everywhere with all the clean, fresh snow lining every branch, from the biggest to the most delicate lacelike twigs!!! And me with no camera, as usual!! So anyway, I am GLAD I had to go the dr. because otherwise I would never have made that trip thru the forest preserves!!!
And today.....I do believe the angels are having a pillow fight!!! A very joyful pillow fight!! I want to join in and play!!! But off to Artist's Way I go---and I can't wait!!!

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Love These Blogs!!!

I learn so much from all you bloggers!! I can get totally lost in "blog land"----start living vicariously thru others---and I spend too much time on it!! I know it's good to dream and look for inspiration and get the creative juices flowing BUT.....eventually you have to DO something!!
I need April's "clean space" to work, I need to feel the sunshine and green grass in Suz's photos and I need Elena's spirit of adventure (well, I think I already have it but haven't indulged it lately!!) So, I'm off to DO something!! To do something I love!! Which, at the moment, seems to be colored pencil mandalas on black paper!!! So many ideas!!! Life doesn't happen when you're sitting in front of a computer!!

I also have to tell you that my Artist Way group met on Tuesday---first meeting of this session---and I felt so blessed to have these people in my life!! It was like a family reunion!! Everyone had lots to say (even the quiet ones!). I don't know how I could ever give this group up!! Such a safe, loving, accepting, supportive atmosphere! I wish everyone could know what this feels like!!
Thank you!!!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Today I am Thankful!!

Thank you to April for a wonderful time on Saturday!!
Thank you to Suz for incredible thoughtfulness and creativity!!!
Thank you to the Great Creator for this amazingly beautiful snowfall!!
Thank you to myself for getting my butt out the door to take a walk in the snow!!!
Thank you to everyone in my life for just being there for me!!!
Thank you to my parents for always supporting and encouraging me and loving me unconditionally!!!! I am forever grateful. Words just aren't enough to express how my heart overflows sometimes!!!!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Words......or lack of.

I'm still here!! Somewhere.......not quite sure where.....but I'm here! I am reading all your blogs, enjoying them, soaking up the wisdom, digesting them, learning from them. But I have no words. I think they're there......somewhere. But they're laying on the bottom of a very deep pond and they just can't rise to the surface right now. They are mired in mud and stuck, like suction cups, to the bottom. Eventually they'll let loose.......I think......I assume!! But for right now, just want you to know that I'm still here. Words or no words.