Wednesday, February 24, 2010

How did it happen?!?!??!?!

Well, now I've done it!! Sat down to read a few blogs and, before I knew it, I'd inhaled a whole tube of Girl Scout cookies----without even thinking!!!!! I only meant to eat a few but pretty soon there was only one lonely cookie left---and he was crying out to join his buddies----CHOMP!!! All gone!!! I bought those cookies to help out the Girl Scout next door---not to stuff myself..........yeah......right.


Suz said...

the trick is not to have them in the house
I buy them then give them away
or tell the kids to keep the candy or cookies
I can't even look at a bag of chips!

april said...

That's me with potato chips too! I should never stop at the store before lunch. Get the hungries and buy a nice salty bag of chips and eat about a third of the bag on the way home! tsk-tsk.

beth said...

LOL...funny how that happens isn't it ?
oh least it was all for a good cause !