Saturday, December 19, 2009

Thank you!!!

Thank you so much Elena, Suz and April (and many others) for your kind thoughts, words and support. Elena, I really appreciate the offers of an ear and a shoulder more than you know. I just haven't felt very communicative lately! I'm trying to "get back up on the horse" so to speak! I love, love, love Christmas and it's just totally going against my grain to not be "doing" Christmas the way I normally would! But even when the mind has been willing the body has not. First I couldn't get past the sluggish lack of energy and then I came down with a nasty cold. It feels like the universe was making me go easy on myself, whether I wanted to or not!!! I have been thinking a lot about your idea, Elena, to pick a word for the year. The word that keeps popping into my head is EXPAND. It goes along with my favorite quote----"The world shrinks or expands in proportion to one's courage." I think my most favorite quote of all time is by Einstein---"Is the Universe Friendly???" It's all about attitude!! Sure I'm sad, sure I hate losing my mom BUT there is still a great big life out there waiting to be lived!! And slowly, but surely, I will get back into living it!!! And the support of people like you guys is a HUGE blessing. Thank you!!!!


Suz said...

The only thing you can do about grief is to walk through it....Here's another quote
"When you're walking through Hell..keep walking"
You grieve her because you loved her
and that will never change.....
You are going to be fine
and in the coming year...begin again
you'll's easy
love to you and if you need me

Suz said...

How are you doing today?
I am thinking about you.
baking helps a wee bit

Elena said...

You've been on my mind quite a bit. And of course my offer always stands. Follow your heart and take it day by day.


april said...

Robin - When I lost my Mom is when I began to lose myself at The Center. There were all the types of things she loved too. Nature, art and kind hearts. You will never never stop missing her but this is the way it must be, and you have your son and your husband. Your Mom doesn't want you to be sad. Keep looking over your memories - they warm your heart. And get out your "art stuff" and create. Create some things you know your Mom would like. When my Mom died, I began to do my entire living room in pinks. I planted only pink flowers in my garden. That was her favorite color. I still can not change that.