Wednesday, January 5, 2011

A Mandala

I started this mandala in Lois Hresja's drawing class last spring with no idea whatsoever where it was going or what it would be. I was feeling very excited and inspired at the time and had soooooo many ideas for more! I ended up having a few prints of this made and gave one to my best friend for her birthday. I really need to get back in the groove and MAKE MORE ART!!! Why is it so hard?!?!?


Suz said...

you certainly do
and my dear is that your garden?!?!?! is so pretty
share more of it!
I remember at drawing in the summer how shocked I was at your are so quiet..shocked at your beautiful pencil drawing
get going!

Elena said...

This is quite breathtaking. Please let your artistic voice soar. Just pull out a piece of paper with no expectations and start with a doodle and let it take you from there. It doesn't take much of an invitation to convince the muse to come out to play.

Robin said...

Thank you both for your encouragement and the kick in the butt!!

Marjorie said...

loving your garden photo too! I know what you mean about making art! I put it off to. Cant wait to start classes again this week!

april said...

The colors of your garden. Your mandala is beautiful and I'm sure it's the one I got to see in class! And that little white picket fence! Such a wonderful design, Robin.