Wednesday, May 25, 2011

In Search of Nature, Peace and Serenity

The Little Red Schoolhouse Nature Center is well known and loved by most people who have grown up in the Southwest Suburbs of Chicago. It's a wonderful place to walk and commune with nature and, since those were both things that I desperately needed yesterday, I headed out there. It was an absolutely glorious day---sunny, breezy and not hot or humid!! My favorite weather!! I walked the trail and then just spent some time sitting on a big rock looking out over Long John Slough. And all was right with the world!! Thank goodness for the foresight of the people who made the decision to have "Forest Preserves" around Chicago!!!


Suz said...

why didn't you call me to go along
I love walking there

Elena said...

Oh that is beautiful! It's one of the things I most miss about living there...the farmlands here don't provide much opportunity for woodland walks. By the way, HUGE HUGS for the special note you sent. Really needed it. Oh and those 'doodlings', awesome works of art. Keep it up.