Friday, July 8, 2011

Make Your Mark Journal Project

I have been scrambling lately (as are many others I suspect!) to get my Make Your Mark Journal done by the deadline on July 31st. I suspect I will be gluing a lot of mandalas in the book as that is what I have the most of! I did not get to pass it around to other people as much as I would have liked but....maybe we will do this again sometime?? I'm doing the best I can while I navigate the ups and downs of life!! I hope to have more pictures soon!


Audrey said...

I love your raggedy Andy drawing. Raggedy Ann was my favorite as a child. I have carved a little ann and andy.

Elena said...

Beautiful mandalas. Cool Andy. I remember wanting a Raggady Ann doll...And yep, I can't believe I hit a complete block and haven't touched the journal. Uggh

april said...

I love the last one with the lettering too! Beautiful. Very special journal.