Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Piano Recital

Just found another ancient newpaper article with my picture in it on the Worth Historical Society FB page! You know you're old when you're part of "history"!!
I'm in the front row, right next to the piano. I must've been smiling because I was happy it was over!! I remember how much I hated doing this!! Just about passed out from nerves!


Glenn Stenson said...

I remember my recitals too. We have to respect professional musicians who conquered that fear and can perform night after night and make it fun.

Laura said...

I love that...made me giggle this morning Robin..."you know you're old when you're part of "history"

what a cutie you were...all I remember from my old picture is big eyes looking a deer in headlights...seems I still have that look at times and get people asking me if I need help..hahaha.

Love the dimple's..

Audrey said...

How naive we were back then to publish addresses of small children. I took piano and accordian, but never went far enough to do a recital. At least you were smiling, not like the two standing next to you.

Robin said...

I keep thinking I look like I'm missing my front teeth but I should have been past that in 3rd grade, shouldn't I???
Oh well, it's that late bloomer thing again!

april said...

Oh gosh! I remember those days and pictures. I took the violin and also hated the recitals. Thought I'd die. The funniest memory though, was in grammar school (must have been a St. Patrick's Day play - O'Toole School) and we had to wear green long underwear and be leprecans! Most embarassing! Can you imagine?