Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Its Been a LOOOOOOOONG Time!!!

Sorry for my extended absence! It was not intentional! I took a break and then....when I wanted to get back to blogging, I found I couldn't upload photos. And for me, without photos....what's the point??? I am all about the visuals! I think I have found a way around the problem! Mind you I said, "Think"! So anyway, I have been making mandalas. They seem to continue to evolve and grow and I find I am uncomfortable and embarrassed when I see the ones that I gave to people back near the beginning of my journey into mandala making! I need to get over that and just appreciate the fact that I am learning and growing and it's all part of the process! The above photo is the third mandala I have made that is intended for a 20" x 20" frame....the largest I have used so far. The first one was a wedding gift and the second one was donated for an auction to benefit a non-profit organization...The Center in Palos Park, IL. As the printer I use cannot copy things this large, they are gone prints available. Just photos to remember them by. The one I have just finished I THINK is going to be mine....forever! But I am going to look into getting giclee prints made. Much more expensive that way but, I have had so much positive feedback and encouragement, I'm slowly being convinced that it might be worth it! I also need to set up a web-site where people can see all the work in one place with prices and any other info that might be helpful. Always so much to do! And all I want to do it make art! Haha! Thank you for stopping by after my long absence! Hopefully this will work and you'll be hearing more from me!


Suz said...

I too have been having problems with picasa posting to blogger...sigh

Robin said...

Thanks Suz! Technology can be so frustrating!