Monday, January 11, 2010

This Quote Gave Me a Jolt!!

Came across this quote in the winter issue of La Vie Claire magazine-------

"How we spend our days, is, of course, how we spend our lives."
---Annie Dillard---

It really did give me a jolt----made me think of how many days I just waste---fritter them away on inconsequential stuff when I could be using the time to do something I love, do something creative. I complain often about the passing of time so why do I waste so much of it!!! Need to work HARD on that one!!

By the way, La Vie Claire is the most all around beautiful magazine!! If you're not familar with it you should check it out sometime. Rather expensive and there are only 4 issues per year but well worth it!!!!


Elena said...

I like that quote. Thanks for sharing. And don't worry about wasting time. You've already accomplished the most important step; awareness. So all you're doing now is resting a bit.

Suz said...

anne dillard is my favorite
yes, i know that quote
you have been resting
rough holidays
soon soon soon
you'll awaken to doing again

Bethany said...

Here from Suz's blog.
Thanks for that quote. I needed it too.

Robin said...

Thanks for stopping by Bethany!! I will have to check out yours!!!

Suz said...

Robin...thinking of you as you think of your mama
here's my heart

butterfly woman said...

Hi Robin,
Didn't know you have a blog. I certainly don't think that's wasting time getting that going. Hope you don't mind me following. I've so enjoyed your comments on mine. The quote you posted speaks personally to me. I've been getting into quotes lately and posting them on FB. Realizing how much words touch me.
Goody, another wonderful friend whose journey I can follow via blogland!
Hugs..... Bev