Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Another Quote

"I have seen the sea when it is stormy and wild;
when it is quiet and serene;
when it is dark and moody.
And in all it's moods, I see myself."
---Martin Buxbaum---

Fighting the January "Blahs" lately. Something that seems to descend on me almost every January. Drawing class at the Center helps. And hopefully, today at home, I will make time to be creative, to play, to just "let it flow"!!!! It's a beautiful day!!!


Suz said...

Robin I love that quote
so thoughtful and nuturing
accepting that we are allof these
and it is as natural as the sea
Hold on Spring is on the way
good for you for taking a class...Aprils?

Elena said...

I'm glad you're taking the drawing class - sorry I missed you this time. The quote is great - very fitting for us all. Spring will be here soon-keep creating as it'll bridge the gap.

april said...

Love your choice of quotes too, Robin. I have to start looking for some too...valentine ones!