Friday, October 1, 2010

Seize the Day!!!

Well, shoulder surgery is all set for October 25th---gulp!! That gives me a good 3 weeks to organise my life, catch up on everything I'm behind in, buy a new computer, prepare for my son's birthday, lose 20 don't think I'm being a little unrealistic, do you?!?!?!? It's funny how the thought of being somewhat incapacitated for awhile can really spur you on to get things done!

On the creative front, I signed up for the "Make your Mark" journal project at the Lagrange Art League this past weekend. I went there on Saturday to pick up my journal and take a workshop on some very fun and creative ways to get started!! So hopefully, while I'm "one armed" for awhile I can use my other arm to start making many marks in the journal. It's funny though, how intimidating it is to make the "first mark"!!

And on another positive note, my Artist's Way group at the Center has started up again!! I really missed this group this summer---more than EVER!!! They are so dear to my heart and it really lifts my spirits just to walk into the Lodge where we meet!!

And another creative activity that I'm enjoying.....making a handmade book with coptic binding....a 2 session workshop with Marge Boyd. These would make great gifts but not sure I can handle it one-handed!! So glad the final session is before surgery!!

Well, time to go seize this beautiful day!! (not sure about the spelling of seize!!)

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