Friday, November 5, 2010

Nature at Work

While on the way to my doctor appointment this morning my husband and I saw a large hawk in the middle of the road feasting on something fuzzy. As we approached he flew up into a tree with fur and blood and guts trailing from his mouth. I know that to many people this is just gross and cruel. But I enjoy seeing the circle of life at work---it's the way it's SUPPOSED to be, since the beginning of time and I find comfort in that!!!


Suz said...

oh ick.....I hate this when it happens
My husband is on your side though
"he has to eat too" he says

Audrey said...

Do you want ick? My daughter's dog(an English Mastiff) came in the house with a rabbit's leg in his mouth. She freaked out and her friend had to remove it. Something else must have eaten the rest of the rabbit and just left the leg for Ruger. Sorry Suz.

Elena said...

HA! I thought Suz was the only one who posts about dead animals! Then laughed when I saw her comment. I'd be the one crying for the rabbit. Until I realized the hawk had to eat too. Plus he didn't kill it so it shouldn't go to waste.

Michael Spizzirri said...

Nice Blog!

april said...

I too would be saying Oooooooooooooo (like whats-her-name in Enchanted when she encouters the pigeon with one leg). Then I have to talk to myself about the "circle of life".