Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween!

This photo turned up recently on the Worth Historical Society's FB page. Worth is the town I grew up in. That's me in the back, 2nd from the left. I was supposed to be a "Space Girl". I was wearing a silver skirt and cape that my mom made and some kind of goofy silver boots. I remember that I hated not getting to be something "cuter". And what's that farmer doing with his arm around me?!?! Anyway, this was a Christmas program but, since we're in costume, thought I would post it for Halloween!!


Jan said...

Robin this is such a great photo! did you see my blog post today? Great minds think alike. Happy Halloween to you!!

Glenn Stenson said...

No pictures of my best costume, thank goodness. It's still in the attic though. hehehe

april said...

Oh, so cute! Yes, looks like you had a little admirer there. hehe