Monday, November 21, 2011


I am not deep.

But I do......
feel deeply
love deeply
yearn deeply
grieve deeply
hurt deeply
care deeply
desire deeply

I want to be...
deeply motivated
deeply loved
deeply desired
deeply involved
deeply commited
looking deeply into your eyes
dreaming deeply

I can be...
deeply vulnerable
deeply sensitive
deeply inspired
deeply dedicated
deeply loyal
deeply passionate
deeply saddened
deeply dense
deeply disturbed
deeply scared
deeply depressed
in too deep
in deep shit
or deep asleep

But I am not deep.


nacherluver said...

I beg to differ! You sound uber deep to me. I love diving deep! It's the artist in ya.

What a great post! Had to read it a few times. Kind of addicting. ;0)

Elena said...

LOVE IT and you are most definitely deep. Did you do the artwork too? It's beautiful!

Robin said...

I probably should have re-thunk and re-wrote this. But....I had the urge to do the JC thing and just "get it down". No Elena, I stole the artwork but this could be good inspiration for future art!! And Nacher, I think "addicting" is an awesome compliment! Thanks you two!

Jan said...

I believe your poem proves otherwise. You are deeper than you admit. maybe you need to get high;-)

People think I am deep because I am so quiet. I have to admit, when pressed, I'm not thinking deep thoughts, I'm more likely thinking about that I need to go out and clean up dog poop or something. Ha ha!

Glenn Stenson said...

Nicely done, Ms. Shallow! Who needs emotions and feelings when you can go through life numb?

Robin said...

Yeah, I was being sarcastic here and arguing with myself and fighting how I think I am sometimes perceived and.. and..I DON'T KNOW!!!! Just had to "get it down"!!

Robin said...

Jan, I like your suggestion! Who wants to join me? Maybe this could be a planned activity for out get-together!! Ha!

Jan said...

sounds like fun to me.

Elena said...

I'm in! heehee