Monday, January 30, 2012

10 Minutes and a Scrap of Paper

After a sleepless night, filled with tossing, turning and negative thinking (it creeps in sooooo easily when over-tired!), I spent the day listless, aimless, pointless and frustrated by my own in-action. As I sat at the computer wasting time on Facebook and email and blogs, I suddenly grabbed the nearest pen and a scrap of paper laying on the table. Ten minutes later, I had this! And I felt a whole lot better!! It's not a masterpiece, but it's SOMETHING!! I created SOMETHING!! And while I should know by now that I need to create regularly, even if it's only a 10 minute doodle, I seem to need to learn this lesson over and over and over!!! Guess I need it pounded into my head with a sledgehammer!!! A 10 minute mandala everyday may not be a lot, but it sure beats day after day of NOTHING!!!!


Audrey said...

Very nice and on only 10 minutes!

april said...

You are so good at them! Yes! One a day (at least)!

Laura said...

So silly when we know what will work and we don't do it...You just sidetracked a bit and swayed off and then you were right back where you needed to be...if it works let it work for it would have a very hard time doing them and you let if flow so smoothly. like whirling in a beautiful dress around and around.

Michelle said...

Robin!!! Thank you for your kind post on my blog today! You lifted my spirits with your kind words! So you live in Orland Park!!! I live in Aurora! Yay! Someone actually lives near me! So cool!

I love this mandala. It's so good and not at all wonky like mine are. :0) I definitely know what you mean. I'm always happier when I'm doodling!

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