Sunday, January 15, 2012

Happy 85th Mom

I've always loved this photo of my mom. I guess she did this to make extra money when she was first married. In later years she would marvel over the fact that every day she hitched up this trailer and took it to various locations on the south side of Chicago. In her own very quiet way, my mom was a VERY strong woman. We miss you mom!

This is the view out my bedroom window on the day that winter arrived this past week!

Still playing with my word, I decided to decorate it!


Glenn Stenson said...

Your mom was a hot tamale! We got 7" of snow overnight here. And I love how you enhanced your word!

Robin said...

Haha!! Yes, she WAS a hot tamale back in the day! So was my dad actually!! Even in later years, I had a couple widowed and divorced neighbor ladies who saw my dad and said, "He can be my friend anytime!". I was kinda shocked since I'd never thought about him in that context.
You must have more snow than we do now!!

Suz said...

your mom was a hard worker...that was not for sissies
and cute in those jeans
love your word

Audrey said...

The decorations really enlivened your word. Cheery.

nacherluver said...

Lovin' the photo of your mom. How fun! Live. Great job with your word.


Happy B-day to your mama.

Laura said...

great picture of your mom and love the extra's on your word.

Michelle said...

What a cool photo of you mom! What a nice way to honor her.

I love, love, love your word. It's so cool! I love the wait folds out and the decorations you added are awesome! I'm thinking my work might be a little too long for that. Ha ha!