Monday, March 26, 2012

Last Three Postcards

I finally got my last three postcards made for the postcard swap I'm in. Phew!! Feels good! I sure had fun making these. Just got very "in the groove" and didn't want to stop!! I think I'll make more soon. I will also show you the ones that have been arriving when I get a chance to take photos!!


april said...

Beautiful, Robin! I know you can't wait to receive yours! Show us!

Michelle said...

Hi robin, I like your postcards. They are so light hearted and fun. Thank you so much for the kind words on my blog. I appreciate it so much. Have a great day!

Silke said...

OMG, Robin, I love those postcards you've been making! I always have plans to do something like that and then I don't find the time. From your comment on my blog I know that you can relate to too much to do... How funny that you were resisting Tuesday as well... xoxo Silke