Wednesday, June 6, 2012

It's been awhile!!

I had some camera issues I needed to work out after downloading Picasa but it looks like I have finally figured it all out!!! I 've been having a lot of fun "playing" recently.....working on being more loose and intuitive and just letting the paint do what it wants to do. Well, sometimes anyway!! So I'm just posting a few new things. I often find that when I photograph artwork I see things I didn't see with my naked eye so.....some of these may not officially be done yet! Hope you enjoy them anyway!


Jan said...

Robin, these are lovely! I'm especially fond of the top one;-) but they are all just gorgeous. Is the middle one a self portrait? And what about the last one, what size is it and is it made with watercolors? Beautiful.

Suz said...

shivers! those are gorgeous!!
love your style
just beautiful
and they brought me joy

Laura said...

You've been hiding out for a good reason haven't you...awesome what your doing. More...More..and much more I hope.

Glenn Stenson said...

Your trademarks are swirls and hearts. I am a little partial for your mermaid.

april said...

Oh Robin! You have been busy! These are wonderful - such happy art. Love your style, whimsical and "feel good" art! Love it!

april said...'s "been a while" again!