Friday, August 19, 2011

Illustration Love!!!

My whole life I have had a love affair with children's picture books. Some of the illustrations I remember from my childhood have had a profound impact on me and my love of art. When I was much, much younger I thought I would grow up to write and illustrate children's books but, somewhere along the way, I realized that I cannot draw people and figured that that wouldn't work too well!!! NOW, I realize that it would take some intensive life-drawing classes and lots of practice and then, I probably could draw people!! But, in the meantime, I thought I would share a few illustrations from some of the books that my son and I loved to read when he was small. These are from Eric Carle, Jan Brett, Jane Hissey, Chris Van Allsburg, Tasha Tudor and Constanza Droop. ENJOY!!!!


Robin said...

Sorry, I put the Tasha Tudor photos in twice and couldn't figure out how to remove them!!

Marjorie said...

If I remember correctly, Eric Carls illustrations are done with paste paper!