Monday, August 15, 2011

A Wonderful Movie!!

I coerced my husband into going to see "The Help" on Sunday. He didn't know anything about it and I knew just a little. I actually thought it had come out several weeks ago but this was the first weekend! The theater was totally sold out and we had to sit in the third row but it didn't matter a bit. This was such a great movie!! Waaaay better than what I was expecting!! And my husband actually said it might be the best movie he's seen in about the last 10 yrs.!! This movie is such an intimate look into the early civil rights movement---every highschool kid in America should have to watch this!!! We laughed, we cried and everything in between!! I truly cannot recommend it enough!!!!


Marjorie said...

I loved the movie also! My Mom grew up in Miss. and we vacationed lots near Jackson! I can hardly believe this was happening in the 60's. The book was also awesome! As was another book, Kitchen House.

april said...

Wonderful movie! I am so glad I got to see it too. There is not one dull moment in the entire movie. So so good.