Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Trying to Keep up the Daily Practice

While working on the Make Your Mark journal project I really started to feel the positive effects of creating on a daily basis. A combination of discipline and practice which I usually think of as "dirty words" and a feeling of being more fearless were what I feel I gained from the whole experience. Now that it's done, I'm TRYING to continue that discipline and daily practice. I bought a small brown sketchbook with brown paper pages and have been doing these pen and ink mandalas. Any small thing I do, as long as I do SOMETHING is progress in the right direction. You know, I used to go for days and weeks intending to get into the studio and create without ever actually getting it done. Nowdays, I can hardly keep myself out of there, even if it's just to clean or organize things!!! I LOVE the shift that I'm feeling!!!


Jan said...

I love your drawings. What a great practice to keep.

Audrey said...

I like the one with the tree. You and April are making me think about cleaning and organizing my wood pile in the basement and craft room.

Laura said...

Robin, Can't believe these they are so spiritually lovely...wonderful yes keep the practice up.