Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Back Home Again

Well, after a slight deviation in plans due to a plumbing problem, I'm ready to catch up on things!

I had to miss my Artist's Way group to wait for the plumber today. I was sooooo looking forward to it. Oh well---next week!! I had a great time in Madison with my old roomies. I was "balking" on Friday---thinking, "I haven't seen them for 30 years, why do I need to see them now?!?!?". Just nerves I guess. One of the girls, Renee, lives out in the country and has a barn and animals. And they raise the animals to EAT!! She said it's hard because she is the one who feeds them and gets attached to them. She has 3 sons, all students at UW-Madison right now. We met the 2 younger ones (twins) who are freshman this year. Seemed like nice kids! Her husband works for Ducks Unlimited. The other girl, Dianne, is half Japanese and is a VERY good artist!! And she is a sign language interpreter in the school system. Her husband is also a very good artist, middle school art teacher AND has a real live studio outside of the home!! Lucky fellow!!! Their home was filled with their art and it was so WONDERFUL to wander around and see it all! Sure makes me feel unproductive though!!! Why don't I get more done?? Last year Dianne went to Japan with her mom and sister. It was her mom's first time back since she got married and moved here over 50 yrs. ago!!! I guess they had quite the good time reuniting with relatives over there!!! Dianne also makes beautiful hand made boxes and she bought lots of gorgeous Japanese papers in Japan for much less money than she could get them here! She is one of the most generous people I have ever known and she went thru all her papers and cut a chunk of each to give to me!! I couldn't believe how much paper she gave me!! I think I will have to share it with some of my collaging friends!!

Other than that, we had a great time reminiscing, looking at old photos, reading old letters, strolling thru Madison's huge farmers market, stopping in little shops and galleries and eating in cool restaurants. Also wandered the campus and it is so beautiful!!! We parted on Sunday with plans to get together more often in the future!! Sure hope we follow thru!!!


Suz said...

you're floating!

Elena said...

So happy you decided to go. Sounds like a wonderful time. I can probably understand what you felt wandering through the artists' home. Hope you took pics of your trip!

april said...

What a great time! Good for you! A question: Is your friend actually from Japan? I lost touch with my grammar school pen pal from Japan. We both got married, had children, and you know how that goes. I have her maiden name and her married name and oh how I wish I could find her again. I wonder if your friend would know. (when you talk to her again). I understand the Japanese people don't move much, but I just don't know where to go.