Friday, October 2, 2009

Yesterday's "Play Date"

I had a wonderful time playing yesterday but I did notice that I kept putting it off until later and later in the day--some self sabotage going on there! Once I finally sat down and started it was wonderful!!! I had a few moments where I was judging my efforts too harshly but the end result of it all was that my mind is racing with all sorts of things to try with those watercolor crayons!! But, as usual, it has to wait because today I have to get ready to leave town for the weekend, when I come back I have lots of homework to do and, chances are, it will be DAYS before I can get back to it!! Sorry if I sound like I'm whining. It's just that this seems to be the pattern. A tiny bit of art gets done and then life takes up all my time. But I am going to try to fit in a little bit of creative time at least several times a week!! Wish me luck!!
I'm afraid I am having no luck as far as posting photos!! I will keep trying! Sometimes they say they are uploaded but I can't find them anywhere---am I missing something??????


Suz said...

My inner shift came when I saw my life as my art.
The most important thing a person can create... beautifully,honestly,courageously..lovingly,
and red shoes don't hurt none!

april said...

Well, like I said, all computers are different probably but this is what I do, Robin. When you are in "new post" - click on the little landscape square "add image" - then click on "browse" - the pix that you were at last will show up but go to the arrow down right above that and click on it and it will bring up a menu and then I click on "my pictures" and I can arrow down for my choice of what I have saved in there - then click on the selection of photos that you want to choose from - and then click on the photo in that square of your choice. It will automatically put it in to "download photo" onto your blog. When i do it again, I will see if I said something wrong or forgot something. Let me know.