Wednesday, October 7, 2009


I have some questions for my blogging buddies!
1. Does your husband know you have a blog?
2. Does he read your blog?
3. Do you want him to read your blog??

I am just curious. I haven't told my husband yet. It's not like it needs to be a big secret but I'm really not sure I want him to read it. Not sure why. I guess I just want it to be read by like-minded people and sometimes that is not what he is.


Suz said...

Yes, he knows I have a blog,and no he doesn't read it. But I have a big enough mouth that I bore him to death most times talking about blogs..mine and others. If he reads it..fine with me. It's not a diary to me. He already knows I am a passionate person who loves to write....he's happy Im happy. I learned long ago that what you put down in writing is out there forever. So with that in mind..I write

Elena said...

Yes, he knows. No, he doesn't read it. Although I have shared a few things with him. I don't care if he reads it. As Suz says, what you write is out there forever. Sure alot of what I say could be used against me (ha, I sound like Law & Order) but I don't care. It's not like I'll lose my friends (what friends) and my family already knows I'm weird. Hubby's happy I've found someone to 'talk' to who can sometimes relate to what I'm feeling. But sometimes I think he feels like I'm not venting to him anymore and he actually wants that. He's so strange! Instead I vent to you all!

april said...

Oh yes! He knows I have a blog and comments that I am always at it! He is not a computer person; has just really started going on the internet, on a lap top that I wanted but never used. Mostly he gets a few forwards from me that people send about woodcarving, etc. Or he looks at the auto web sites. I told him to just look! He's happy with that and he doesn't know how to type in my blog. tsk-tsk. Actually, I would not mind, but I don't think he is really interested. He would probably rather read "Don & Roma's" blog.