Saturday, October 24, 2009

Sniff Sniff

A fun night out last night at P.F. Chang's with my very "crafty" neighbor ladies!! It had been a long time but now we are back on our monthly schedule (I think!). Everyone is so busy!!! But now I wake up today with a cold!!! How can this be?!?!? Too much to do to be sick right now!!! Time to ATTACK-----vitamin C, ecchinacae(?), hot tea with lemon and honey, zinc cough drops......I'll try anything!!!

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april said...

I hope you're not sick! I know - I have been taking my vitamin C and Omega 3 Lemon faithfully (i am a good one to forget to take pills) and hoping to ward it off. Too much scary stuff going around. Oh, and a good ol' remedy if you have a cold - hot tea with fresh lemon, honey and a good splash of jack daniels!